“Hey Bandit, you feeling reckless?”

“No, I’m cold, I need a new home since our last one was cut down.”

“Well, let me know what you think of this.” Smokey points to an old chimney.

Chimney at home inspection
That looks awfully high!

“I don’t know…” Said bandit. “It looks awfully high.”

“Not for us, we can climb just about anything. Besides, I think it would be the perfect home. It has everything we need.”

“Have you been in it?” Bandit asks.

“Of course, I checked it out. Whaddya think, I’m stupid? Watch the bricks near the top though, I think Bobby knocked one loose the other day, and stay away from the dog. He may be blind and small, but sometimes those are the ones to watch out for. Oh, and tell Bobby to quit trying to sneak off with food from the other yard, that really big dog is getting sneakier.”

Dog at the inspection
That sure is a big dog!

Bandit agrees to go check it out. Together, Smokey and Bandit climb up and into the chimney, and down inside to where it stops. “Where does that tunnel go?” He points to the side.

“I think it goes into the house. I haven’t been down that tunnel yet.”

Just then, the cap on the tunnel is removed. Bandit can see someone staring down the tube at him. “What in tarnation is that!” He points to the end.

All of the sudden, a bright flash goes off. Bandit is momentarily paralyzed by the light invading his normally dark world.

Raccoon at home inspection in Kansas City
What in tarnation was that!

Bandit looks at Smokey. “I don’t think this is a very good idea Smokey, maybe we should get out of here, and find another place.”

“Nonsense,” say’s Smokey. “There is no way they can reach us back here.”

Maybe Smokey was right, maybe they couldn’t be reached in their cozy little home.

But the man with the camera had a different idea, and he came back later…

To be continued.