Schedule your Home Inspection

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Thank you in advance!

What happens next?

After you hit the ‘Schedule your Inspection’ button,  I will call you right away to set up a time that works with you and your agent.

Discuss the Property

We will discuss the property and any concerns you have.  I will send you my inspection agreement for you to read and sign, so make sure your email address is correct!

Once the time and day is confirmed, I will meet you there, shake your hand and proceed to give you the best inspection I possibly can.

Perform the Home Inspection

I strongly recommend you be present at the inspection, but if you can’t, I understand and will work around it.

After the inspection, I will give you the basic rundown of what I found.

The Inspection Report Arrives

Within 24 hours, you will get an invitation to view the report online through Homegauge, where you will see everything I found in complete detail.

I’ll break it down to what happened, what I think caused it and how to correct it.  I also include things that may not be a big issue now, but may be in the future.