Before the Home Inspection

For the Home Buyer


Nothing is more frustrating than inspecting a property when utilities aren’t on.  It’s a complete wast of time.

Before the home inspection, ask your agent or the homeowner to make sure all the utilities are on.

Note: Sometimes the utility being off is an indicator that there is a problem with that system.


Be sure that gas pilot lights are on and operational.  If they are off, it could be an indicator of a problem with that system, or the system has fialed.

I don’t turn the gas on in any poperty for that reason.  If I turn the gas on and there is a gas leak, then major problems could occur.


Home water systems that have been winterized should also be on and operational. I can’t turn on water to the house, that is left up to the home owner and the city.


Breakers should all be in the ‘ON’ position, if they are not, that could be an indicator that there is a problem with that breaker or system. I will not turn on electrical breakers.

Othere things to consider…

Be sure that all doors are unlocked, or in the very least have keys to unlock them. I can’t inspect a room or crawlspace that is locked, with no way to enter.

I will also be inspecting the attic and crawlspaces if applicable. Make sure they are unblocked and accessible.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact me and we can discuss this information in more detail.  I’m always around to answer any questions you have.

For the Home Seller

Personal Items:

Here are some suggestions for the homeowner: move objects away from walls, attic access points, crawlspace access points, and move vehicles out of the garage.

I will not move objects for inspection, especially heavy or expensive objects. If the attic access point is in a closet, suggest that the homeowner either cover their clothes or move them to another closet.

Electrical equipment:

Suggest to the homeowner that they turn off all Computers, Televisions, Phone systems or anything else that may be switched off when testing a CGFI. Because loss of data may occur.


I have many pets, dogs, cats, chickens and some other exotic animals. I love them and am generally very secure with all types of animals, however, I don’t know the homeowners pets.

Have to homeowner move the pets to another location where they will not be in the way, or otherwise cause them undue stress.

Homeowner Consultations:

If you are a homeowner looking to sell your home, I can give you a personal consultation (for a small fee) as to ‘staging’ you home for an inspection and sale.  Contact me to learn more about this valuable service!